Hey there!

May I introduce myself?
My name is Markus Hupfauer, born and raised in Augsburg, Germany.
Photography is that important for me due to passion to tell some story.
Someone may use words and letters, but in my humble opinion, pictures are the THING when coming to emotions and the feeling of the moment you either create or capture for the future.

What I am doing.
Most of my time wanders into education around the topic photography and retouch.
With over 100 hours a week inside of Adobe Photoshop in an average week I would consider myself a pro.
Customers also support this assumption. I'm delivering at the moment several nightclubs and some companies with over 20 employees with artwork, design templates and recommendations.
In general I pref to shoot outdoor except for nightclubs of course.

How to book?
In general I prefer to get called or receive an e-mail. If you belong to the generation Y you can also send me a message over WhatsApp.
E-Mail: contact@markushupfauer.de
Phone: +4915170166400

What am I shooting, creating?
Basically everything except marriages & web design
I may offer profound knowledge regarding:
- Beauty shootings
- Event photography (expect the exceptions)
- Business representation shootings (facility, employees, stock art)
How much does it cost?
Call, E-Mail, Text or WhatsApp me!
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